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$1.2 M Project Value

Completed 2010



The concept for the design of the Blackboard Transact headquarters was derived from the company brand. The red, black, and white, and arrow graphics are influential through the space design. The office space serves as both a dynamic workplace for the Transact employees as well as a showroom for new and existing clients. Therefore it was important that the space not only be comfortable and flexible space for employees, but also leave a strong brand image in the mind of clients.

Private offices include floor to ceiling glass to connect private offices to the open office environment, and to promote collaboration between upper management and employees. The glass further allows natural light to infiltrate the space while allowing the offices to be efficiently placed along the perimeter of the space.


Phoenix, Arizona



Project Architect, Project Designer

Architect of Record: OWPP/Cannon Design

Photography by Bill Timmerman

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