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Founded by Karin Santiago and Benjamin Mullings in 2011, Lightvox Studio is a collaborative architecture and interior design studio with the goal of using design to learn and to discover, to originate and innovate. 


Our diversely creative team spans an eclectic range of backgrounds including architecture, interior design, visual communication, and technical specialization. Collectively, we hold experience in local, national, and international projects that range in size from very small to large, transformative works.


Our purpose is possibility.


Our commitment is to explore as partners with our clients--deeply, fully, broadly, and in the most adventurous spirit-- the potential to create lasting value grounded in sustainable principles.


Regardless of the type of work we undertake, we consistently define new and effective ways of contributing to our client's success.  We use a creative and analytical design method to create built environments that celebrate the human spirit and improve the quality of life wherever we live, work, and play.

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