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Aurora, Colorado



Project Manager, Project Architect, Project Designer

Design Architect: Cannon Design

Architect of Record: H+L Architecture

Photography by Bill Timmerman.


$25.4 M. Project Vallue

Completed August 2012



The Anschutz Health & Wellness Center is a unique research facility. A large scale laboratory, the center is calibrated to provide a continuing source of data (collected from all users - faculty, students, and the community) to be parsed by the resident researchers. By providing a new building where previously disparate programs can cohabitate; the center serves as a holistic collaboration sactum for tranlational research in the areas of obesity, diabetes, women's health, and others.


An 'L' parti was directly derived from challenging site constraints but takes advantage of a centrally located core space to create a welcoming entrance lobby, a colission psace, that serves to orient visitors by providing visual cues of major components.


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