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Phoenix, Arizona



2400 sf residence and 740 sf detached garage

Completed 2014



The House on Marion, ground-up construction replacing a deteriorating structure, is an experiment in the values of sustainable living: delight, sustainability and affordability. Sited on the edge of a suburban neighborhood against a busy artery the house had to offer respite from traffic clutter, afford views of Camelback Mountain (the iconic Monk formation is visible from the site), allow dwellers to luxuriate in delights of modern living and be value driven.

With a difficult wedge shaped site, the initial site response focused on maximizing views and optimizing orientation as a passive solar strategy. The garage was detached and accessed from the alley for safety – moving the drive away from the busy artery’s intersection. The house was envisioned as a rectangular mass to be constructed simply, by use of production housing techniques – like pre-manufactured trusses and wood framing members. The interior of the house unfolds as a direct response to the patterns of modern living…


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